Solution to the Puzzle
Compadre Brokers Team One

Building a Brokerage from Scratch 

Looking for 5 agents or associate brokers that have the right stuff. 

Compadre Brokers is a new brokerage and new brand in North San Diego County founded by a long time mortgage and real estate industry professional.

Compadre Brokers Associates

Compadre Brokers Associate Agents and Brokers

Small town personality with big city tools.

In house financing and a custom digital marketing system make it easy for you to plug in. a flexible and customizable system helps you create the very best presence and presentation.

Careers at Compadre Brokers

Careers at Compadre Brokers

Compadre Brokers | North San Diego County Real Estate.

A new name in North County founded by a long time industry professional. Built on years of success and supported by a strong mortgage backbone, Compadre is an indpendent brokerage focused on individuals and transaction success.

Compadre Brokers Loan Officer

Mortgage Loan Originator at Compadre Brokers

Do more than loans. Build and grow a brand. Make a difference in peoples live.

Branch level management skill level individual needed to introduce the Comapdre loan brand and platform to new clients, real estate agents and small builder developers.