It doesn't have to be a big puzzle.

Mortgage Loan Originator at Compadre Brokers

Do more than loans. Build and grow a brand. Make a difference in peoples live.

Branch level management skill level individual needed to introduce the Comapdre loan brand and platform to new clients, real estate agents and small builder developers.

Collaborate on the development of big business digital tools tailored to small business needs and styles.

Be capable and conversant with basic Fannie, FHA and VA programs. Fannie DO, Calyx Point experience required. Learn and market manufactured home finance products to realtors and dealers. Factory built home finance is at the core of our business and will be for you.

Take a leadership role in product development and recruiting. Cultivate reverse mortgage, multi-family, small balance commercial and construction lending products as part of the Compadre business plan. Be confident, competent, compliant, digitally skilled, accountable, reliable and resourceful.

Skills that make a difference; multi-lingual, database development, digital loan processing development, written communication skills, digital advertising, program intro experience, web development, realtor coaching.