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Born out of 25 years real estate and finance experience, Compadre Brokers is bringing it's unique brand to North San Diego County. Merging financial, sales, development and technical skills with location, location, location at the right time made a lot of sense. A long time attitude of "We can do this better!" has a lot to do with why we are here. It's just how we think.

We're an independent brokerage with crazy financial and internet skills that believes nobody is better out in front or standing behind the client than us. It's just how we think.


Our website is designed to make your North County Real Estate search easy. North San Diego County is truly an incredible place to live and has an amazing market. A real estate site should feature homes by city and price range and move fast. Finding the right home should not be a challenge and you should not get pummeled with advertising and pressure. You should be able to define what you want and know when it's on the market. You should be able to rely on an intelligent acquisition approach when you find it. It's just how we think.

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Buyers can count on our knowledge base built from hundreds of millions in closed deals. A broker that can provide you with a sound financial perspective and mortgage options makes a big difference in any transaction. It's just how we think.

Sellers beneift from the boutique experience an independent broker can provide. Success though technology makes a difference in today's market, but of the box solutions are not good enough. A hands on, integrated solution with 16 different distribution points and an engaging social presence reaches the right people at the right time. In house mortgage options provide more control points and create a shorter path to closing. It's just how we think.