Better Mix of Technology and Personality 

Being better is not always "Us vs. Them." Most of the time it's "Us vs. Ourselves;" and the way we do things.

I was watching a PBS documentary not long ago about the introduction of solar power into undeveloped parts of Africa. One of the engineers they interviewed said he was envious of the areas being developed. These are parts of the world that have never had power before. "How could he be envious? They have nothing now."His point of view was that new users were getting a new, grass roots system using the very best technology on the planet and their quality of life would grow exponentially; at a rate like no other civilization ever.  Without patches and fixes of old systems, the entire effort is focused on new development and by shedding the burden of old systems, the market grows better and faster. 

Real estate tools that make us say "Wow!"

We're not entering pioneer territory here, but we had the opportunity to build our system at a time when real estate and finance tools have become mind blowingly good;  but only if you have the digital know how to make them work.  We see brokers and agents using outdated and ineffective interfaces and in today's market, that doesn't cut it.  Many agents use a cookie cutter approach and struggle with presentation beyond what's available through the local MLS. It's clumsy and it's frustrating for buyer, seller, escrow, grandma; everybody.  And it wows nobody. compadre-brokers-technology

Long term mortgage experience combined with in house digital management has allowed us to shape our systems like we would want if we were buying or selling a home.  From evaluation to acquisition to transaction management, our design simplifies the experience for our clients while increasing data reliability

Lightning Fast North San Diego County Listing Search

We've built our site in a custom content management system with an unrestricted feed and the highest resolution images. We like big pictures too. Try our images on your big screen. Great way to shop.  The Compadre Brokers MLS search is exclusive to North San Diego County and allows users to customize single or multiple searches with notification of any market change that matters to them, all without all the hassle and noise from the big sites. Looking for a faster way to find homes in your budget? We've saved price range searches in every North San Diego County city we currently serve. Check out our City Search Here. Our MLS search is just the tip of the iceberg of things we do differently.

Introducing Single Click Real Estate Transaction and Loan Management

The Number 1 complaint about real estate agents is lack of communication. We have implemented a client communication system that puts your entire purchase or sales transaction in reach with a single click on your PC, Tablet or Smart Phone. We don't stop with our documents, we create an interface for everyone involved in your transaction, escrow, mortgage, contractors and basically anyone you want involved...all avialable to you in one click. 

Analytic Tools are layered into every thing we do. 

Create a macro overview of the market the way you want to see it. Our provide specific property information and get results that will make you say "Wow!"


Get started with our new tools today. Call us at 760.385.8660

Rory Manning, Broker Owner Compadre Brokers

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