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The decision to invest in a mortgage operation for Compadre was actually made long ago. It's simply the final piece of business plan developed by a lifetime producer, sales and operations specialist. Crafted with a 25 year understanding of the market and the systems that make it tick, Compadre Mortgage adds incredible value to our business. We are pleased to formally introduce Compadre Mortgage

We offer a full suite of residential mortgage products from affordable government guaranteed loans to Jumbo products.

Selling your home in the offseason with Compadre Brokers

‘Tis the Season: 5 Reasons Why Winter is a Great Time to Buy or Sell a Home It’s a common misconception that you shouldn’t try to buy or sell a home during the fall and winter months.

This is generally considered the “offseason” in real estate. Many sellers mistakenly believe that the cold weather will keep buyers away and that no one is looking over the holidays. Unfortunately, many real estate professionals perpetuate this myth by advising their clients to “wait until the spring” to list their home. The truth is, homes are bought and sold year round, especially in California where hard winters are not an issue.

And while the market is typically quieter during the fall and winter, savvy buyers and sellers know how to use this slow down to their advantage.

Avoid Home Inspection Mistakes

How to Avoid the Top 8 Home Inspection Mistakes

It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of buying a home. Once you’ve had an offer accepted on your dream house, you’ll probably be anxious to move in. However, before you make a significant financial commitment, it’s best to know exactly what you’re buying.

When you hire a home inspector, you get a professional, in-depth examination of the property’s structures and systems. It’s a worthwhile investment that can save you money in the long run, either by warning you away from a bad purchase or by providing a list of deficiencies you can use to negotiate with the sellers.

The inspector’s report will also list minor repairs that, if made, will help to maintain your home over the long term.

Renters for a Weekend or a While: What’s the Best Use of Your Investment Property?

The residential rental market is now the fastest-growing segment of the housing market. In the United States, the demand for single-family rentals, defined as either detached homes or townhouses, has risen 30 percent in the past three years.1 And in Canada, rental units now account for nearly one-third of the country’s homes, with particular demand for multi-family units, including apartments and condominiums.2

At the same time, the short-term, or vacation, rental market is also booming. The popularity of online marketplaces like Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO has helped the short-term rental market become one of the fastest-growing segments in the travel industry.3

New vs Used Home Purchase

Should You Buy a New or Existing Home?

Yes, there are new homes being built in California. Land is scarce and re-development is a popular option for properties near the coast, but there is always new construction on the market and always a building opportunity.  Just as consistently, there are incredibly nice homes on the market, all renovated and ready to move in. Then there is the fixer-upper. Do you have what it takes to purchase and remodel?

Maybe your dream home has the intricate details that you usually find only in older construction - wainscoting and crown molding in the interior, the front porch with a swing, an older tree shading the back yard, and the white picket fence.

Or maybe your dream home has all the conveniences of modern living - open floor plan in the living and dining spaces, large windows, connected, “smart” appliances and security systems, and minimalist design elements.